Al Rabeeh Physical Therapy Center

Al Rabeeh Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center provides services dedicated to improving the lives of children with special needs. It includes a team of doctors and specialists who provide the best techniques and methods.
Our vision: Today’s children are the builders of the future.

Our Services

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  • Better health and life
  • Daily care
  • Exercises for good health
  • Health in a natural way
  • A life with out pain
  • Daily natural care
  • Improve comfort and life
  • Wellness is by the nature of caring

The natural way

To have normal health

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Our specialties

  • physical therapy services
  • Customized Rehabilitation Programs
  • Modern Techniques and Advanced Equipments
  • A Specialized Team of Professionals
  • Providing Health Advice and instructions
  • Regular Monitoring and Ongoing Evaluation

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Work Time

Saturday12PM : 8PM
Monday12PM : 8PM
Wednesday12PM : 8PM